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European Research Council (ERC) Awards

CReAM's Director, Christian Dustmann has been awarded an ERC Advanced grant on The Migration Challenge: Labour Markets, Policy Reforms, and Social Cohesion.

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CReAM's Deputy Director, Uta Schönberg has been awarded an ERC Consolidator grant on Wage Inequality.

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Cutting refugees’ benefits results in more crime and less education

Reducing welfare benefits for refugees and immigrants is largely ineffective for increasing employment and promoting integration, and instead leads to poverty, ‘survival crime’ and less schooling, according to a new study from CReAM's Christian Dustmann and co-authors from the Rockwool Foundation.

This research received very high media attention in Denmark and has resulted in a public hearing (26.03.2019) and a presentation in the Danish Parliament.

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Disadvantaged boys benefit most from early school years

Research by Christian Dustmann and Thomas Cornelissen finds that boys from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit most from early schooling, helping to narrow the skills gap (60-80%) with boys from high socio-economic backgrounds.

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Housing costs have exacerbated income equality in Germany

CReAM Research by Christian Dustmann and co-authors finds that changes in housing expenditures dramatically exacerbated the rise in income inequality in Germany since the mid-1990s. The research was covered on the German press.

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Immigrant and disadvantaged children benefit most from early childcare

Attending universal childcare from age three significantly improves the school readiness of children from immigrant and disadvantaged family backgrounds.

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BBC Three Counties

Christian Dustmann discussing Theresa May's comments on EU workers 'jumping the queue' on BBC Three Counties.

Media Coverage

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Newspapers 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald October 23, 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald quotes Dustmann and Ku's paper 'Why are Single-Sex Schools Successful?'

The Educator October 23, 2017

The Educator quotes Dustmann and Ku's paper 'Why are Single-Sex Schools Successful?'

The Sydney Morning Herald October 22, 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald is quoting the paper 'Why are Single-Sex Schools Successful?' coauthored by CReAM's Christian Dustmann and Hyejin Ku.

ILSOLE24ORE October 22, 2017

Christian Dustmann's research on why Germany has become a superstar economy quoted on the Italian newspaper ILSOLE24ORE.

Bunbury Mail October 22, 2017

The Australian Bunbury Mail quotes Christian Dustmann and Hyejin Ku's paper 'Why Are Single-Sex Schools Successful?'

CNN Money October 18, 2017

CReAM's Director Christian Dustmann discussing why Britain needs more immigrants on CNN Money. 

Vox September 28, 2017

New Vox column coauthored by CReAM's Dustmann and Ku, on Why single-sex schools are more successful.

Financial Times September 11, 2017

The recent CEPR report, coauthored by Professor Christian Dustmann, quoted on the Financial Times' article 'Is culture or economics at the root of our strange politics?'. 

FactCheck: Today’s Prime Minister’s Questions September 06, 2017

CReAM's paper on 'The Effect of Immigration along the Distribution of Wages' by Dustmann, Frattini and Preston features on the FactCheck: Today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Handelsblatt September 04, 2017

Professor Christian Dustmann ranked within the top 3 German speaking economists on the 2017 Handelsblatt ranking.

El Pais August 25, 2017

Christian Dustmann discusses the urgency of integration for the newly arrived refugees in Germany on the Spanish El Pais. 

The Times August 24, 2017

The Times refer to the recent CEPR report co-authored by CReAM's Christian Dustmann and Sebastian Otten. A summary of the report can be found here 

Vox August 23, 2017

Vox article summarising the CEPR Report in the Monitoring International Integration series where Professor Dustmann and Dr Otten are coauthors.  

The Economist July 10, 2017

Professor Dustmann's research quoted on the Economists' article 'The good and bad in Germany’s economic model are strongly linked'.

Vogue July 02, 2017

CReAM's research on the Fiscal Impact of Immigration to the UK quoted on the British Vogue. 

Harvard Business Review March 13, 2017

Professor Dustmann's paper ' From Sick Man of Europe to Economic Superstar: Germany's Resurgent Economy' is mentioned on the Harvard Business Review article 'The Real Reason the German Labor Market Is Booming'.

ZEIT Online March 07, 2017

Professor Dustmann discussing German labour market reforms under the Agenda 2010 and his paper 'From Sick Man of Europe to Economic Superstar'